Sunday, April 24, 2011


This Easter morning, as most moms do, I was busy snapping pictures of my babies out in the yard while they looked cute in their matching Easter frocks (yeah, I'm that kind of Mom).  Ethan is that kind of kid -- the one who, despite all your coaching and pleading, manages to squint or decides to hold up bunny ears or gives a cheesy thumbs up sign just as the camera flashes.  This morning I finally yelled, "Ethan just stand up straight.  Stand up STRAIGHT."  And he did.  He stood on one leg.

Quite a humbling moment let me tell you.

This summer, in order for Ethan to stand up STRAIGHT, he'll undergo leg lengthening surgery.  If you're like I was several years ago, you probably don't know what that entails.  Let me explain.  First, they will make a small incision, and with an instrument the doctor described as a miniature version of a flexible tree saw, they will cut both bones in his lower leg (fibula/tibia).  Then, they will insert pins into his bones that attach to an external fixator (a halo of sorts) that will surround his leg.  This fixator has screws that we will manually turn each day for a period of 10-12 weeks.  Turning the screws keeps the leg bones from growing back together and actually creates a space for new bone to grow between the separated bones.  After 3 months, he could potentially grow 5-6 centimeters of new bone.

Thus, in order for Ethan to heal and to grow, his leg has to be broken.  Do you feel a metaphor coming on?

Today is Easter and what is it that we celebrate:  the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Listen to these verses in Isaiah 53:5:  But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities:  the chastisement of our peace was upon him. 

Christ was broken.  Broken for my sin.  Broken for my immorality.  Broken that I might obtain peace.

What was the result of His brokenness?  According to Isaiah 53:5 - And with his stripes we are healed. --HIS brokenness brings about MY healing.  Can you comprehend that kind of love.  The kind that endures the sufferings of scourging and the cross?  Can you comprehend a God who loved you enough to sacrifice Himself for you while you where yet in sin?  Can you comprehend being that wanted? 

Before He accepted His Cup from His Father, He prayed for us.  Read John 17.  He prays for US.  Specifically He prays that "they [future believers] might have my joy fulfilled in themselves." 

What was Christ's joy?  He was only hours before the cross.  What was He doing that brought Him joy --and what is it that He wants us to do in order to be filled with His joy?  He was following God's will for His life, glorifying His Father, and was close to being reunited as One with Him.  Therefore, he wants us to do the same:  To follow God's will for our lives, to glorify God with our lives, and to be One with our Father.  How do we do that?  We like to make things quite complicated when actually they are not.  A few verses later, He reminds us that He has given us the Truth --His Word.  If we want to follow God, glorify God, and to be one with God, then we have to follow the Truth.  And what will adhering to the TRUTH bring us --JOY!

Christ endured physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering in order to bring about our healing from sin.

Ethan has to endure brokenness in order to bring about his own physical healing.  What about you --when was the last time you were broken? --Not physically, but spiritually?  Have you considered your sin today? 
Christ set the precedent that healing is preceded by brokenness, and sometimes in the life of a believer, He breaks us so that we can grow and heal.  There couldn't be a better time than Easter to be healed!  Look to your Risen Savior.  The One who loved you and wanted you hours before the cross still loves and wants you today!