Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fibular Hemimelia -GOODBYE BALTIMORE -

Goodbye Baltimore,

Goodbye City Streets,

 Goodbye Crowds and Goodbye Treats.

Goodbye Sweet Kids Who Came to Play,

Goodbye New Friends,

Goodbye Chesapeake Bay!


Goodbye Hospital,

Goodbye Miss Sunni,

Goodbye Pool Therapy and Smiles that are Funny!

Goodbye Kate,

and Goodbye Jake!

Goodbye Nice House,

And Goodbye Mouse!

Goodbye Mr. Moesha, 

Goodbye Miss Kim,

Goodbye Alli, Getting Ready to Swim.

Goodbye Cassidy,

Goodbye Sweet Marcie and Doug, too!

Goodbye Alister who takes care of the pool, 

Goodbye Alivia, the sweet little girl with a fixator, too!

Goodbye Mailbox,

Goodbye Ocean,

Goodbye O's,

And Goodbye Long, Hard Road!

The Fields Family is Coming Home!