Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fibular Hemimelia -Fixator Fun

 Okay, for those following the blog --the pin site results:  positive.  Actually the first picture that looks like crusted amber (I know it's gross) is actually, according to the PA, normal.  Any drainage from the pins that is clear, amber, basically see-through, is normal.  The second picture of the top pin, however, is the troublesome one.  By the time we saw the PA on Friday, the drainage was definitely green goo (I know it's gross).  Lesson learned:  some pin site infections are apparently easier to diagnose than others (Now I'm no nurse, but green goo --definitely sent up a red flag!).  Some pins, in fact, look fine, but can be infected, and others that seem rather "drainy" can be normal.  Dr. Standard sends his patients home with two prescriptions for antibiotics because the infections are so common.  Ethan had a low grade fever the night before the drainage started --I guess another symptom, and we started him on a round of antibiotics.  The doctor "upgraded" the antibiotic on Friday and cultured the pin.  Today, he looks much better --thank you Lord.

Okay, enough of the nasty medical "stuff."  Have you ever spent all day at the doctor's office with your child?  You know, the appointment is at 10:00 and you have to wait an hour and a half.  Then you're moved into a room where you wait another twenty minutes.  Then you have one on one time with the doctor.  Then you have to have some sort of blood test ... which means you wait at the lab for another twenty minutes.  Then you have a prescription to fill ... another half an hour.  So, what started as a simple 10:00 appointment that you thought you'd be finished with in time for a McDonald's Happy Meal, ends up an all day affair.  You're tired, your child is whiny, and everyone is hungry!  Well, that seems to characterize our last few weeks!  We've been tired and whiny -um, not hungry though.  If you squeeze one of my kids too hard, a chicken nugget is likely to pop out!

What has been the cure for our blues?  Well, if you have to be away from home for the summer, then Baltimore is the place to be.  In his wheelchair, Ethan has toured the city.  Did I mention the fact that everything in Washington D.C - all the monuments, museums, the zoo -is free?  Now, that suits our budget!   (Side note:  the zoo if free; parking, however, cost us $25 dollars! what highway robbery in our Nation's Capitol?!)  Did I also mention that when your child has had major surgery, the visiting grandparents are putty in his hands?  Hence, we've gotten to see and do some pretty great stuff!

If your child has an upcoming surgery --or if you love Ethan and are hoping that all of his days are not spent just in physical therapy or being x-rayed and cultured --take heart.  The following pictures should uplift your spirits!  Also note:  if you visit us, you will probably make your way into the blog!

And this is how we travel!

The Boatyard seafood restaurant in Annapolis was voted number one family restaurant last year! --I'm not sure why?  Not that it wasn't good food, but the inside had approximately four tables ... How does the "bar" qualify as family friendly?  It is, however, only a walk to the water.

After the bar, we thought we needed to get back into church.  Just kidding!  This is Faith Baptist Church in Glen Burnie where our friends who live upstairs attend and have graciously taken us and introduced us to their church family.

 The Washington Zoo.  Can you see the lion in the background?

Emily's favorite animal:  the cow! Go figure!

Our first visit from Family and Friends!

 Can you say cheese?  What about CHUCK E. CHEESE? Yep, there's one in Maryland, too!  Ethan and Emily had a blast with Granny and the gang!

Making his way through the restaurant.
Setting the walker aside to play a game!

Your are never too old for Chuck E. Cheese!
 Pretty Cowgirl.


Does your child have a dream?  Well, one of Ethan's wishes came true:  a hot dog from a "real" hot dog stand -in Washington D.C.!

Megan is smiling --while Kelly, on the other hand, reflects on the $8 dollar lemon ices they are enjoying! Yep, that's $4 each!
 Let the museum tour begin!  What lovely looks on all our faces!

 Freddie and his idol:  Ronald Reagan.

When asked, "What do you want to see next?"  Emily responds:  "McDonald's!"

 Who is he pointing to?  Who else:  Abraham Lincoln!           

Charlie for President?
 Or maybe Josh?

Sorry, guys!  My vote is for Ethan Frederick Graham! (Doesn't his name have that George Herbert Walker sound to it? 

Ethan's favorite place cannot be photographed:  the National Archives.  Why did we trek all the way there?  Three words:  The Emancipation Proclamation.  (I told you he was going to be President.  What six-year-old gets excited to see the Emancipation Proclamation?  Please don't tell him it was only a facsimile.  It would break his heart!)

Another Grandparent Visit = Another Trip!

On to the Inner Harbor --where Emily and Papaw Bud enjoy a "rest"!
Baltimore's World Trade Center
 The Inner Harbor is bustling with activities!
Looking at the ships in the harbor.
 A grand, six story aquarium!  Great jelly fish exhibit --and did I mention, dolphins!
 Granny Carol points out some sharks!
Can you see the alligator behind her head?  Or is it a crocodile?  Yes, it is alive!
 Chesapeake Bay Bridge!  We crossed over and got a great look at the water.  Too bad we can't go for a swim!  Next year, Ethan, we'll enjoy the ocean!
And there's simple back yard fun --thanks to a kind, church friend.

 Today, what did we do?  We met the Chick-Fil-A cow himself --um, or is it herself.  Udderly impossible to tell.  Ethan and Emily loved the "Eat Mor Chikin'" mascot!

All of these adventures have been brought to us because of one little boy and one fixator.  Although we've had our share of difficult days, we shouldn't  forget to Praise God for the moments of laughter!  Each morning Freddie wakes the kids singing, "It's time to rise and shine and give God the glory, glory! Rise and Shine and Give God the glory, glory, Children of the Lord!"