Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fibular Hemimelia Post Surgery -Day One -Rolling Right Along

Lots of excitement today.  Besides a bit of nausea this morning, another great day so far.  Ethan was a bit nervous about getting into the wheelchair, but once he was in, there has been no stopping him.  Guess who stopped by the playroom to sign autographs and take pictures --and hand out baseballs, t-shirts, and backpacks?  The Baltimore Orioles #17 Brian Matusz (their new pitcher)!  Ethan wasn't quite as excited as Freddie!

We also got the first look at the fixator; pictures follow --and are not for the squeamish! Ethan has checked it out, and was curious but not afraid.  He was fitted with a foot plate --to keep his foot from dropping.  The physical therapist stopped by to help him with a few exercises, and now he's resting fine.

Please pray for Ethan's neighbor, a three year old little girl, Olivia, who has a fixator on her femur --and is having a very difficult time.

 Trying out the wheelchair!

 Brian Matsuz
 Signing a T-Shirt

Signing his baseball!

Uncovering the FIXATOR!

The footplate keeps his foot from dropping.  The color-coded bars are struts that we will turn to start lengthening his bone.

Granny Carol


Daddy and Emily

Granny Wanda

Josh and Maggie

The whole gang!

 Who is this pretty girl?

We are just amazed at Ethan's progress!  The epidural probably won't come out until Friday, so hopefully tomorrow will be as easy as today.  Thank you Jesus for being with my baby and giving him strength and courage.  Help us to give You praise for all things --even for the Oriole who stopped by and was a great distraction for Ethan as he braved the wheelchair for the first time.