Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fibular Hemimelia -Sew Fabulous --Altered Clothing for the fixator

So, I have the greatest parents, yep I win.  God richly blessed me!  What have Granny and Grandpa been up to (and might I add Grandpa was up until 3:00am) this week?  My dad, the former soldier, miner, electrician, has turned into a pretty great seamstress.  My mom, the former director of nursing, makes a pretty good hem picker, fabric pinner.  Together they have created a fabulous wardrobe for my baby --if only I could look at what they have made without crying. 

Kuddos to my mother-in-law, Carol, as well --who is busy sewing--pictures of her alterations to come!

I could find very few images of altered shorts (Mom and Dad haven't tackled pants yet, but don't tempt them), so I am posting what, through trial and error, my parents have created.  It seems that there are a few options:  Velcro and snaps --and placing either on the side of the shorts or removing the inseam and altering almost like infant pants.  Although they purchased a "snap gun" at a fabric store, it did not work, and instead, my dad figured out how to hammer in snaps.  I swear he can fix anything --from a lawn mower to a great hem line!  He danced for Josh (when he found out the brain tumor was not cancerous) and he sewed for Ethan --that's a Grandpa.

I did find one website that offered altered children's clothing:  Since my parents won't go into the tailoring business, you might try ordering shorts, underwear, and swim trunks from that site.  The products I ordered were of great quality and fit!

Here, however, are Designs by Granny and Grandpa:

These are pajamas with snaps at the inseam --which come completely apart in the middle.

 Even the undies got the "snap treatment"

Cute shorts with snaps down the side!

 Dad sewed in a piece of material to help secure the snap, rather than sewing it directly into the shorts.

The thick waistband was a problem, but he used a tougher snap to fix it!

These shorts were altered with a Velcro strip.

Looks pretty simple, but this is what hours of work --and love --looks like.  I guess the next pictures of these shorts will include a little boy in a fixator.  Pray for him --and his mom and dad, and his grannies and grandpas who love him sew much (just had to get one last pun!).