Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 7th -Surgery day for Fibular Hemimelia -leg lengthening

Glory be to God who hears and answers our prayers.  I was anxious to see how He would reveal Himself today, and He was right on time.  Ethan woke up in the recovery room groggy and sleepy, but not afraid and not in pain.  We got a private room, instead of the shared one we were expecting.   He made very few complaints, only a bit aggravated by the I.V. and epidural tubes.  He actually ordered a P.B. and J sandwich and fell asleep watching cartoons!  Does that sound like "exceedingly abundantly above" all that you asked or thought? -because it certainly surpassed my expectations.  Who was the first person he asked for in the recovery room:  Emily --who was too young to come back (made me cry --what love they have for each other).  They had a great "reunion" when he finally moved to a room.

This was the schedule we followed (for those with future surgeries)
7:30 -arrived at the hospital
9:00 -taken to a pre-op room where we met with the doctor and I suited up for the OR
9:15 -taken to the OR --I accompanied Ethan until he fell asleep
Dr. Standard's nurse met me at the door to walk me out to the waiting room and set up a class for Freddie and me and the grandmas --on caring for the fixator.  God sent her right on time; I would have melted down outside that OR, but honestly had no time.  We walked over to start the class at 10:00 --and it lasted for over an hour.  Great information!
10:40 -the OR called to say that all was fine.
11:40 -2nd call to say that all was going good
12:15 -informed that Ethan had gone to recovery
12:40 -Freddie and I went to the recovery room
3:30 -moved to a room
Dinner, visitors, asleep by 7:30

Below are the picture before and after surgery.  The fixator is covered right now.

 Watching t.v. -of course
He loved the crazy hat and the yellow gripper socks!

 Knee smiley face thanks to Dr. Standard
 It's great to have siblings.